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We are a market focused, process-centered organization that sources unique new products and delivers innovative solutions to businesses

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Offering 30 years in providing  companies with the latest technology in hopes to benefit your business model

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including convenience stores, hospitality, financial services, and other products or business solutions that can take your business to the next level 

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Since 1991, Applied Media Technologies Corporation has been an innovator at utilizing electronic technologies in marketing applications. AMTC is one of the largest providers of telephone on-hold messaging solutions.We are committed to providing clean, in-depth datasets.

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For organizations seeking to boost their sales effectiveness, Brainshark sales enablement and readiness solutions empower your teams to achieve their fullest potential – with the training, coaching, and content they need to seal deal after deal.

At Brainshark, we provide solutions that help sales reps bring their A game - every time.

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Comcast Cable is the cable television division of Comcast Corporation, providing cable television, broadband internet, and landline telephone under the Xfinity brand. Comcast Cable also provides connections to small to medium-sized business through its Comcast Business brand, and Fortune 1000 companies through its Comcast Enterprise brand.

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Feedback 2 Review

Feedback2Reviews is a web-based platform that provides business owners the simplest way to turn customer feedback into visual proof of customer satisfaction.  Get positive reviews from your real customers and let us do all the work.

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The moment you subscribe, our location based technology geolocates your business and is searchable by consumers using both the web and mobile app.  You can begin creating your own digital advertisements & loyalty rewards right away. Tell your existing customers you are a klosebuy business and they can view your exclusive advertisements and rewards. Klosebuy will reward your customers for joining and following your business.

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See for yourself why business owners like you chose ShopKeep over competitors, and then rated it the #1 iPad POS on the App Store. Review sites, like Top 10 Best POS Systems and Merchant Maverick, also rate ShopKeep #1. The message is clear from merchants and reviewers alike: users love ShopKeep.

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Our Products

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Happy Or Not

 Our web-based Reporting Service helps you track and manage your performance by transforming your feedback into data analytics that are clear and actionable.  Analytics offers your feedback results in interactive charts and graphs, enabling you to research long-term trends and pinpoint exact times and places of service decline.

The drill down functionality and data exporting gives you full control to analyze your past and current performance results, so you can make more informed improvement decisions for the future success of your business.

Intuitive charts and graphs help you pinpoint issues and uncover causes, and trending data makes measuring and validating your improvement actions effortless.

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Klosebuy Managed Services

Klosebuy has added a new managed services feature to its local marketing platform to help marketing agencies seeking to enhance and automate their offerings to local and business-to-business clients. “Recognizing that marketing agencies are busy too, our Managed Services package comes with complete support based on the needs of our partners, including training and education of staff; delivery of printed collateral; three to 30 active digital advertisements; ad management; bi-monthly mailers; bi-monthly push messages; social media engagement; an optional closed-loop loyalty program; and monthly analytics.”

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Replacing the air in your tires, and properly maintaining them with NitroFill can increase your tire life by as much as 50%, increase your fuel economy as much as 10% and decrease your chances of experiencing a tire failure by as much as 75%… all while reducing your carbon foot print.* While these advantages alone will easily outweigh the cost of converting your tires to NitroFill, they are but a sliver of the benefits you can enjoy as a NitroFill customer.

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Phat Scooter

From 6 inch ground clearance to the EABS hydraulic disc brakes that stop on a dime, to secure welded handlebars, we’ve crafted each part of our scooters to provide, the safest, smoothest ride.  The Phat Scooter's 3 different drive modes keep you within the legal limits for the boardwalk, golf course, and the bike lane. We recommend always wearing a helmet. Please check your local state laws for age restrictions and helmet requirements.

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